02 – How to Make Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir as a Woodworking mallet

How to make Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir, as a Woodworking mallet. This one is made with african blackwood for the handle and redheart for the mallet head.

The wood was bought at Rockler, and Woodcraft. It was selling as turning blanks. There are many exotics to choose from at those stores.

I used my table saw, chop saw, drill press and lathe as the primary stationary tools. It is a fun project that can easily be completed in a day, and it will provide you with a very useful woodworking tool.

It is easy to scale the build up to any size you like. I built this one at about 2/3 the size of the one I use regularly. This makes it good for use when a lighter tap is needed, or for smaller woodworkers. My daughter loved it, but I find that I use it a lot too.

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