09 Chile-Shaped Cutting Board From Red Zebrawood

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An excellent project to do with your kids. Nothing makes them happier than getting a chance to enjoy doing what you do, especially while spending time with you. On top of that, most children really like being constructive and getting to make something with their own hands!

My daughter was with me when we went to pick out some lumber from Woodcraft the other day. She saw this template for making a chile-shaped cutting board. She really wanted to make one. So rather than buying the template, I told her that I would buy her the wood if she could draw it out on her own. She thought that this was a great idea.

We picked out a piece of Red Zebra Wood. It is very beautiful. It has the striking characteristics of Zebrawood, but it is much redder and darker.

I performed all of the more dangerous operations like the bandsaw cutting and the use of the drill press, but she did all the rest.

This is a fantastic project to get your kids involved in woodworking.

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