115 – New Drill Press Fence and Thor’s Hammer ½ Price Sale 2020 Announcement

Amazing New Drill Press Fence and Thor’s Hammer ½ Price Sale 2020 Announcement
———————————-MAGSWITCH MAG-TOOLS———————————–
Drill Press Fence – Pre-sale discount, plus our 15% additional discount: https://mag-tools.com/search?q=drill%20press%20fence&ref=jamesking%20
(ships in April)

Get A MagSwitch’s Universal Featherboard Pro at a discount: https://mag-tools.com/collections/new-products/products/magswitch-universal-featherboard-pro-81101303?ref=jamesking%20

Get a MagSwitch’s Vertical Featherboard Pro at a discount: https://mag-tools.com/collections/new-products/products/magswitch-vertical-featherboard-pro-81101302?ref=jamesking%20

Get a MagSwitch’s Universal Saw Indicator at a discount: https://mag-tools.com/collections/woodworking/products/magswitch-universal-slot-indicator-81101304?ref=jamesking%20

At the Mag-Tools checkout, in the box that says “gift card or discount code” enter my name jamesking as one word and the discount will be applied.

Get your very own made by us: https://kingsfinewoodworking.com/collections/thors-hammer-woodworking-mallets
Enter the Discount Code: HALFPRICE2020 at Checkout for the 50% off!

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