17 – How to Make Keepsake Box Padauk and Tiger Maple Through Dovetails

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How to Make a Keepsake Box from Padauk and Tiger Maple with Through Dovetail Joinery.

Some items in my build
Deft Spray Lacquer:
Shaker Rail & Stile Router bit set:
Raised panel router bit:
Soss Hidden Hinges:
Freud 1/2″ spiral cutter bit:
Self Centering VIX bits:
Titebond III:
Trans tint dye:
Minwax Paste Wax:
Glue Brushes:
Best Sandpaper for the money. (made by Freud):

This is a very easy keepsake box build with some beautiful aspects to it. The through dovetail joinery, and the raised panel top, combined with the cut-off lid, make for what appears to be a very fancy project. It is not however, and really only involves about 10-12 pieces of wood, and a weekend of your time. If you follow along with the order in which I build there are no terribly complicated measurements or setups.
The wood I chose is African Padauk, and Maple, with a “tiger maple” grain pattern. These woods make a very nice contrast with one another, and really add to the elegance of the box.
One of the things I point out often in the video is to remember to clean the surface of padauk, and really any exotic before gluing with acetone, so that the oils come off and a strong glue bond can be achieved.

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