26 – How to Optimize Performance of Saw Blades and Router Bits

How to Optimize Performance of Saw Blades and Router Bits

Products that I use to maintain my blades & router bits:

Pitch and Resin Remover
Saw Blade & Router Bit Cleaning kit
Blade Cote

Do your sawblades seem dull? And maybe not cut as good as they did when they were new? Maybe they aren’t dull.

Pitch & resin build up adds a lot of friction to the blade passing through the wood. So it moves slower, and the increased friction causes increased heat, and therefore, more burning. Maybe your blades just seem dull. Maybe they just need cleaned.

The heating of wood from the friction of sawing makes the tar and pitch distill out of the wood and leave behind charcoal. The charcoal that we see is the burnt wood that is left behind. Basically the blackened stripes or circular patterns and streaks that we see on the maple or cherry that we cut. Whenever you see this, pitch and tar have definitely been deposited on your sawblade. It deposits slowly over time. And you can’t see it until it has accumulated.

Your wood doesn’t even have to burn for the pitch & resin to distill out, and deposit onto your blade.

Resins are naturally found in plants, and trees are full of resin ducts. trees use the resins as a defense against beetles, fungi, and other invaders. And resin content increases when a tree is under attack. They are known chemically as resin acids, and are therefore acidic. So a cleaner that is more alkali on the pH scale is what is needed.

If you don’t clean this pitch and resin from your sawblades and router bits it will accumulate. This will lead to the same cycle of more friction, and more heating and more problems.

After cleaning your blades and bits, The best thing to do is to prevent this pitch and resin from accumulating so fast again. So you need to apply a coating to the blades, that will decrease friction and hopefully give them a nonstick surface, to inhibit the accumulation of pitch and resin all over again.

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