$30 Cedar Sandbox

Build a large cedar sandbox for about $30! Minimal cutting and almost no scraps! Free plans by Ana White available here: https://www.ana-white.com/woodworking-projects/30-cedar-fence-picket-sand-box

Woodworking Ideas for Thanksgiving

With creative Intarsia woodworking technique you can learn how to cut and shape small pieces of various woods to form images. Show your appreciation at Thanksgiving by creating these figures from history, or pick the themes of cornucopia, acorns with fall leaves and many other designs. It is easy and enjoyable to create abundance for your home and garden with Intarsia patterns.

Basic Woodturning Tools to Get Started With Your Woodworking Hobby

A conventional woodturning project requires that you have the right kinds of basic woodturning tools for carving, drilling, cutting or shaping wood. All of your tools need to be sharp and well-maintained, to ensure that you are able to produce a well-designed wood product. Here are the basic tools needed for any project.

The Woodturning Lathe – Your Main Tool In Every Woodturning Project

One important thing you have to provide so that wood turning becomes possible is a woodturning lathe. Lathes have become trendier as years passed by. Many people have discovered woodturning lathes that are more convenient and can absolutely provide high quality of finished product.

Artistic Woodturning – Creating Beautiful and Original Masterpieces From Natural Wood

Artistic woodturning is likened to the evolution of man in a sense that a plain simple wood can be transformed into an amazing, breath-taking sight of beauty. Woodturning artists commonly create bowls, vases and sculptures as their art work, adding intricate details showing off their personal touch which enhances the beauty and uniqueness of the product.

A Woodturning Workshop Will Get You Off To A Great Start At This Woodworking Hobby

A woodturning workshop is one of the best sources of knowledge and skills for woodturning. Whether you are a beginner or with experience, after attending a workshop you will gain the ideas you need and start turning with new enthusiasm.

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