37 – How to make Through Dovetail joints Online Class in 4K video

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In addition to all of our regular builds, we are beginning a series of online class topics in woodworking. They will be nicely packed lessons that include things such as joinery techniques, making money woodworking, wood and adhesive selection, tool use, order of operations and much more.

This is one of those. I will teach you how to make through dovetails, and an associated keepsake box. Since I am a power tool user, almost all of my work is in that line, and this is no exception. I respect the woodworkers who like to use traditional hand cut dovetail joinery, and I myself learned to do it almost 30 years ago. It’s great. But that’s not what this is.

In this course, you will learn to cut dovetails with a router, and a dovetail jig. Machine cut dovetails are flawless, and every bit as nice and pretty as handcut. The difference is, that I can teach you to make perfect dovetails in 30 minutes, instead of months of practice. Dovetails have long been considered one of the pinnacle achievements in woodworking. If you could make a perfect dovetail joint, then by default you must be a good woodworker. So, I thought it appropriate to start my online classes here. With the through-dovetail.

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Things we used in this project:

Porter Cable Dovetail Jig (includes router bits)
Carbide Dovetail bit
Carbide Straight cutter bit
Universal Router base to hold the guide bushing
My DeWalt router, (both fixed base & plunge)
Grr Ripper 3D pushblock
Titebond 3 Glue
C/A glue ( cyanoacrylate, instant)
Silicon glue brush kit
Deft semi-gloss Lacquer
Organic Vapor safe respirator
Extra pack of cartridges for the respirator
Quick Grip Clamps

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