41 – How to Cut and Make Half Blind Dovetail Drawers

How to make Half-Blind Dovetail Drawers

I included a lot of this footage in my Extreme Miter Station build series. But I had a lot of people ask me to make this a stand-alone video. So, I took much of the footage, added some more, and refined it to perfectly give a tutorial on exactly how to cut half-blind dovetails. And also, how to make half-blind dovetail drawers.

And, I have since had dozens of others ask for a video explaining half-blind dovetailing, and instead of making them wade through the videos on the extreme miter station, I made this to help them out too.

In this video, I have used the Porter Cable Dovetail Jig (link below), but almost all dovetail jigs work the same. Although I have found the best accuracy and repeatability in the Porter Cable. (they do not sponsor me). I also own a craftsman, a Rockler, a Leigh, an incra-jig, and a home-made dovetail jig, so, I have had lots of experience with almost every one on the market over the last 30 years.

Here is a link to the Extreme Miter Station build mentioned above, in case you would like to see that:

If you were looking for Through Dovetails, and how to make those, that video is here:

Porter Cable Dovetail Jig (includes router bits)
Carbide Dovetail bit
Carbide Straight cutter bit
Universal Router base to hold the guide bushing
My DeWalt router, (both fixed base & plunge)
Digital calipers
Grr Ripper 3D pushblock
Titebond 3 Glue
Silicon glue brush kit
Quick Grip Clamps

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