47 – How to Make a Sleigh Bed, Heirloom Woodworking part 2 – final in 4K

Plans to build this bed here:

Last October one of our viewers contacted me about a custom piece. They had been looking at antique sleigh beds made from oak, and they wanted one, but the only sizes to be found were for double size beds, and she wanted one in queen size.

She was an artist and sketched out what she was looking for, and that’s what we started with. I thought that this would be an excellent project video. It’s a beautiful bed that works well with many styles today, and I thought the rest of our viewers might appreciate it too.

We designed a detailed set of plans for it to match the specifications of a modern day queen sized bed. And went from there. It was a fun project and it incorporated a lot of different woodworking techniques to get the project accomplished. The bed starts with making giant 4” and 5” round dowels that are more than five feet long. There are no complicated jigs to accomplish it, and that part is actually quite easy. Then there is some pattern template cutting to get the legs to be identical to one another. And of course no bed would be complete without mortise & tenon joinery.

In addition to that a bed needs to come apart for transport, and go back together again. So, it needs to be something that can be done easily. But since we overbuild everything here, we came up with an interesting solution to bolt this bed together, so that the fastening system will last for many generations. This bed should have no problem becoming an antique itself one day.

Here is a link to the Extreme Bench Vise I used during the build, in case you would like to see how I made it: https://youtu.be/wC4inmPPg3g

And here is a link to the Extreme Crosscut Dado Sled that I use to make all the tenons in this project: https://youtu.be/njsD5W6fcI0

Things that I used in this project:

Double sided tape
½” spiral upcut bit made from solid carbide
Pattern Cutting Router Bit
Big Daddy Pattern Cutting Bit https://wnwoodworkingschool.com/product/big-daddy-pattern-bit/
Dado Blade
Bar clamps
Japanese Dozuki saw
Woodpeckers Square
Titebond III Glue
Digital calipers
Wixey digital height indicator
Silicon glue brush kit
Bosch Plunge Router kit
Bolts and barrel nuts kit
(order the barrel nuts kit that is $29.00, it comes with the bolts and washers too)

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