$50 Farmhouse Desk – Easy to Build

Build your own desk! It’s easier and faster than you might think. Free plans: https://ana-white.com/woodworking-projects/farmhouse-desk

Children’s Picnic Table Plans Made Easy

It is very important when building a picnic table for your children to keep in mind that sturdiness and durability are important factors while thinking of their safety. The table should last long if you are using redwood or cedar. Some woods may be structurally long lasting and other woods may be stunning, redwood is both.

Shed Designs – How To Design And Build Your Dream Shed

So you are finally ready to build the shed you’ve been dreaming of. Here’s how you can build your shed faster, cheaper and avoid costly mistakes. If you are at this stage then I’m sure you already know exactly what you are going to be using your shed for. Knowing its use will determine the size, placement and how it will affect the look and feel of the area in which you will place your shed.

5 Simple Woodworking Plans for the Beginning Woodworker

Whether you are a beginner in woodworking or you just want to take on a simple woodworking project, there are simple projects that don’t take a long time to do and still show off your woodworking skills. Here are some ideas for simple woodworking projects that you should try.

How to Maximize Space in Your Woodworking Workshop

Having only a small area to work with will limit the amount of projects you can complete. Having an organized and big workshop will only benefit your woodworking endeavors.

Woodworking Plans for the Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are an area of the home that typically need a lot of shelving and cabinet space. Woodworking projects for the laundry room are relatively easy and they will really help keep your laundry room organized and neat, which makes the laundry easier to get done.

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