62 – Extreme Torsion Box Assembly Table, Outfeed & Multifunction Workbench w/Storage

Complete set of 3D Plans All sizes are available through this link;

Many of us don’t have room in our shops to have a separate Assembly Table, Outfeed Table, and Woodworking Bench. And we are always short of storage in our woodshops. This table is a request from several of my Patreon members and followers of the channel.

Why a Torsion Box?
A Torsion Box is a method to create a table top that cannot bend, flex, or warp in any way. And above all else to be perfectly flat. And that’s really it. The ultimate goal is simply to have an unchanging laser-flat surface.

With that we can now use it to assemble and build our furniture. The surface becomes a reference surface since it is perfect. We can check square from it, and parallel from it. And it makes assembly much easier and much more accurate. It enhances all aspects of a furniture build and becomes the focal point of both the assembly phase, and nearly all aspects of your woodworking.

When I first put videos on YouTube, many asked me if I had a video of my old torsion box assembly table. I didn’t since it was created long before I ever brought a camera into my shop. I politely said no, but the questions never stopped, and eventually I decided that this is a must do project. And probably the most requested project I’ve ever done. I sent out some feeler questions to see what people would like to see. And I tried to combine all of those with my thoughts and create something that could take on many sizes. And in fact I did design this in 3 different table sizes with full plans for each. A Full Size 4’ x 8’ Table, A Mid-Size 3-1/2’ x 7’ Table, and A Smaller 3’ x 6’ Table. Each table has the identical set of functions, but of course the drawer count and size goes down on the smaller units.

So, there it was an up-gradable tool for the workshop. The Extreme Torsion Box Assembly Table can start out in life very simply. I’ve engineered the leg assemblies in such a way that you can start with just the basic leg unit and the torsion box top and have a fully functional assembly table. Then as time goes on, you can upgrade by adding cabinetry. You can do it with shelves or even cabinet doors. Then as time and finances permit, you can push it to the extreme and add a bench vise, with bench dog holes, full drawers and even clamp racks at the ends. This will help break the cost of the project down into thirds. And it’ll let you upgrade whenever your needs change to warrant it.

Things we used for this project:

Thor’s Hammer Woodworking Mallet: https://kingsfinewoodworking.com/collections/thors-hammer-woodworking-mallets/products/woodworking-mallet-like-thors-hammer-from-lignum-vitae
100 grit SandBlaster Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets
150 grit SandBlaster Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets
220 grit SandBlaster Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets
320 grit SandBlaster Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets
Style-Line Soft-Sander 4-1/2”, set of 6 profiles
Drawer Edge Router Bit
3/4” Carbide Straight Cutting bit
Whiteside Model UDC9112 Spiral Combination Router Bit
Chamfer router bit
Porter Cable Dovetail Jig Kit
(Contains everything needed even the router bits)
Self Centering (Vix) drill Bit
#6 x 5/8” Screws
GRK #12 x 5-5/8” Screws
GRK ¼” x 2” screws (for casters)
Quick Release Bench Vise bigger version
Quick Release Bench Vise smaller version
Bench dogs
T-Track and hold down clamps
4’ Universal t-Track
T-Track intersection kit
Titebond III Wood Glue
Silicon glue brush kit
Deft lacquer
Deft Lacquer Gallon size
Minwax Paste Wax
Quick Squeeze clamps
Parallel Clamps
Woodpecker’s Square
Micro Jig Grr ripper push block
Japanese Kataba Saw

Video for building the Extreme Cross Cut Miter Table Saw Sled:
Video for Building the Exotic Wood Bench Vise:
Video on How to Cut and Make Half Blind Dovetail Drawers:

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