67 – Definitive Guide to GLUE for Woodworkers Woodworking 101 lesson 3

67 – Definitive Guide to GLUE for Woodworkers Woodworking 101 lesson 3

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Do you ever ask yourself these questions?…….
What kind of glue is best for what application? And Why?
What are the differences between PVA & Polyurethane glue?
When do you need epoxy? Is epoxy stronger?
What is C/A Glue? When do I use C/A glue?
How about hide glue? Why isn’t that used much anymore?
How much glue should I put? Do I glue both sides?
How long should I leave boards clamped up?
Why does James at King’s Fine Woodworking use so much glue?
What is the difference between Titebond- 1,2, & 3?
If you have questions, we have answers. As an organic chemist and a woodworker with over 30 years of experience, I can help you navigate your way through the various glue choices.

Glues discussed
Titebond I Original (PVA Glue)
Titebond II (PVA Glue)
Titebond III (PVA Glue)
Hide Glue
Titebond C/A instant glue Thin
Titebond C/A instant glue Medium
Titebond C/A instant glue Thick
Titebond C/A instant glue Gel
Titebond C/A instant glue Activator
C/A glue Debonder
Gorilla Polyurethane Glue
Total Boat Epoxy Slow quart size kit
Total Boat Epoxy Fast quart size kit
Nitrile Gloves medium
Nitrile Gloves large
Nitrile Gloves XL
Silicone Glue Brushes

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