70 – How to Build a 6 ft. Standard Cherry Bookcase 4K

Comprehensive set of 3D plans: https://kingsfinewoodworking.com/collections/project-plans-for-sale/products/standard-bookcase-6-tall-2-wide-3d-plans

This is a project that we built for a client. It is a 6 foot tall Standard Bookcase made from Cherry. It also is built with a single sheet of ¾’ Combination plywood, (which is an engineered plywood that has a veneer core sandwiched between 2 layers of MDF, then outer layers of flat sawn cherry), and it consists of a solid cherry top and trim. The project features adjustable shelves, and in addition to being 6’ tall, it is 2 feet wide, and 1’ in depth.
This is a fantastic project that is a lot of fun to build and doesn’t need a lot of skill. Having a table saw helps a lot, but not a lot of tools are needed to complete it. Plus everyone needs a bookcase or two.

Things we used for this project:

~Saws and Accessories
DeWalt Circular Saw
Circular Saw Blades
Clamping Straight Edge Saw Guide
Dado Blade
Gripper Safety Push block

~Drills, Impact Driver and Bits
DeWalt Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Kit
Torx drive bits
Milwaukee cobalt drill bit set
Countersink drill bit

~Router & Bits
Bosch Plunge Router kit
Chamfer router bit

~Sanders and supplies
100 grit SandBlaster Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets
150 grit SandBlaster Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets
220 grit SandBlaster Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets
320 grit SandBlaster Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets
Style-Line Soft-Sander 4-1/2”, set of 6 profiles

~Pin Nailer
~Shelf Pin Drilling Jig

Bessey Parallel clamp kit
Quick clamp squeeze clamp kit

~Measuring, marking and layout tools
Woodpeckers Square
Combination square
Dewalt 9’ Measuring tape

Deck screws 1-5/8” long

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