79 – Pyramidal Keepsake Box Sai’s First Job

Pyramidal Keepsake Box

Anyone who has watched our previous videos knows who Sai is. She is my youngest daughter and is now 14 years old. She has been working with me in the workshop since we first started making videos. In fact, she actually helped build the workshop, from digging and leveling the ground to putting shingles on the roof.

Recently one of our viewers, Joey, decided to hire her for a commissioned project. He said she could choose the project and type of wood, he just wanted to see her have the opportunity to get a job of her own.

Sai decided that she wanted to make a keepsake box, but something different from what we had built before. She chose to make a frustum shaped box. A frustum is a pyramid with the top cut off. She also wanted to use splines and give it a decorative handle.
Her wood choices were Bolivian Rosewood and Quilted Maple.

She did the design work completely on her own and she did the vast majority of the woodworking. She is a pretty skilled woodworker, especially at her age. She has been woodworking for several years, but still there are a few types of cuts that we don’t let her do yet. So for those we helped out.

So, here it is. Sai’s first commissioned project. A pyramidal keepsake box made with Bolivian Rosewood and Quilted Maple. And many thanks to out viewer Joey! Sai was so very happy!

Spline Miter Jig

Bolivian Rosewood Push Stick

Things we used for this project:

30/60 degree Chamfer router bit
Rabbeting router bit
Woodpecker’s Square
Sanding block for round orbital paper
Flush cut saw
Silicon glue brush kit
Quick Squeeze clamps

Titebond glue
Sanding discs
Deft Semi Gloss Lacquer

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