82 – How to Make Golden Ratio Calipers Golden Mean FREE PLANS

82 – Golden Ratio Calipers

Here is a link to the free plans:

These are a fantastic little tool to check and design projects in your shop to see if they fit the Golden Ratio, or Golden Mean.
This is a ratio that is found in nearly everything in the natural world from insects to plants and animals and even from DNA to the Milky Way galaxy.

As it turns out the ratio happens to be the most aesthetically pleasing set of dimensions there are. People naturally see the beauty quickly in shapes that meet these proportions.
I have a link below to a free set of plans to make your own. And I want to give a shout-out to my friend Colin Polzin from Australia, who was using a homemade set on a video a few weeks back. It gave me the idea to show everyone how to make their own and gave me a little chance to talk about the science & wonder of the story around it.

Colin is new to YouTube, but you can find his channel here.

Things we used for this project:

Screw Rivets
Danish oil

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