84 – How to Build a Flip Top Tool Cart – Double your Shop Space & Storage

Plans available here:

This project was a design that I had wanted for a bit, but was spurred on by some of our KFW Community members. It is also a collaboration between us and a friend of ours, Michael Long. He has a YouTube channel and came up to the shop for two days so that we could build something together. We had decided on seeing what piece of shop furniture we could build from one sheet of plywood.

I have a couple of benchtop tools that are always a pain to pick up to a table and use. It’s a hassle to drag them out from where I last left them, and then go about setting them up. And the Ridgid Oscillating Spindle Sander, is really a pretty tall tool. To use that on top of a bench is really just too high in my opinion. I’ve been using stationary oscillating spindle sanders for 30 years, and I’ve always been able to look down comfortably on the work and see the line that I am trying to sand down to. It’s the only way that I know how to get an extremely accurate result. If the tool is too high, it’s just too difficult.

This leads me to the design. I was originally just going to go with one of the designs that one of the other fine YouTube woodworkers have done, and save some time. But when I investigated, I found that many of them put the sander’s table at chest height. And that’s almost a foot too high for my comfort. I was also wondering about stability. If it’s so tall, I was worried it could be top heavy. After a lot of searching, I couldn’t find anything lower. So I set about designing one from the ground up.

I knew I’d have to eliminate the drawer below that was so common, because that adds 6” or more in height. Then I knew I’d have to get the wheels out from under it, because that added another 4-5”. Therefore I created something that pushed the wheels out to the side. This allowed me to drop the bottom almost to the ground. And I saved enough height that I could design this to fit the tallest benchtop planer on the market, and still be up to a foot lower than most of the ones I’ve seen.

There was an added benefit. By pushing the wheels to the side, I got to add some storage shelves. And this widened the structure. Now it was far more stable. So if a planer were mounted, (sideways of course), there would be no fear of toppling over! And that was that. Here it is. And I hope you enjoy it. If you decide you need plans, there is a link above, and I’ll be ever so grateful. The plans are the main way that we fund our channel. So, I do my very best to give you perfect 3D highly detailed plans.

After watching this build, I hope you’ll go over to MK Designs, and watch Michael Long’s build! Here is a link.

Extreme Assembly Table Build:

Things used for this project:

iGaging Double Squares https://amzn.to/36Itywh
Hole Saw https://amzn.to/3lgvQ9M
24″ Parallel Clamps https://amzn.to/3jATihJ
40″ Parallel Clamps https://amzn.to/34trHZt
6″ squeeze clamps https://amzn.to/2SCMCn3
12″ Squeeze Clamps https://amzn.to/3njCmOS
Countersink bits https://amzn.to/36yJYXT
Casters https://amzn.to/36GtInF
Router Kit https://amzn.to/3d4ylJm
Chamfer bit https://amzn.to/36AOncG
Pin Nailer https://amzn.to/34uTfxp
Pin Nails https://amzn.to/3niYR6J

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