87 – Make Perfect Juice Grooves for Cutting Board on a Router Table with easy Jig and free Plans

Make Perfect Juice Grooves on Router Table w/ easy Jig free Plans

This is a template and jig to make perfect cutting board juice grooves on the router table. In this video I will show you exactly how to use it and then I will demonstrate it. And then I’ll follow that up with screen shots of the exact dimensions for you to make your own.

I’m using the words jig & template interchangeably here. They are in fact different things. A jig is a type of tool that controls the position or movement of another tool. So, by controlling position this acts as a jig.

But a template is a form that has the finished shape & size built into it. Oftentimes a template looks exactly like the finished product, and we use it for copying & making identical parts. In this case our tool contains part the finished shape & size, within its form, therefore it’s also a template.
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Things we used for this project:

Core Box router bit (round end)
Pitch and Resin Remover
Saw Blade & Router Bit Cleaning kit
Blade Cote

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