88 – making a Memorial Cross from Pink Ivory and Purpleheart diy

Memorial Cross From Pink Ivory and Purpleheart Wood

This is a Memorial Cross that one of our community members has asked us to make. Unfortunately we are so busy these days that we can rarely take on outside projects, but whenever someone from our Kings Fine Woodworking Community asks, we do whatever we can.

This project is made from Purpleheart wood and Pink Ivory wood. We thought that together these would make a really beautiful combination.

Purpleheart is a wood that comes from any one of 23 different species of trees in the Peltogyne genus. It is a giant flowering tree that can reach 160 feet in height. It is found in parts of Central and South America, but the majority of what we use comes from the Amazon Basin. It has extraordinary strength and density. But it is known for it’s unique organic chemistry and the oxidation reactions that it undergoes to become a deep royal purple color.

Nearly every woodworker is familiar with the species, but not everyone knows how to get the most purple out of it you can and how to keep it purple forever. Here is an article I wrote for our community:

Pink Ivory is also incredibly special. It comes from a small region in Africa where it is so rare that only 1 in 100,000 trees there are Pink Ivory. It used to be the Royal Wood of the Zulu People. And only a royal could possess it. In fact the penalty for a non-royal found with it, was death. Fortunately today it is being managed by the government of Zimbabwe, and is becoming a sustainable product. So, if you are lucky enough, you can find it for sale from time to time.

This project was suited to the CNC machine since the customer needed it engraved. Therefore, I thought we could go ahead and cut the cross shape out on the CNC as well. Although, you could certainly use a bandsaw or a jigsaw.

Things we used for this project:

Router Kit
Chamfer router bit
Small clamps
Deft Semi Gloss Lacquer
Titebond III Glue

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