92 – Squirrel Feeder 1 hour, $2.00 – project

Detailed 3D plans for this project: https://kingsfinewoodworking.com/collections/project-plans-for-sale/products/squirrel-feeder-with-lid-lift-mechanism-plans

We have a lot of bird feeders and squirrel feeders and such at our home. I’d like to share with you one of our favorites. This is a squirrel feeder with a lifting lid mechanism. It works by the squirrel standing on it to access the peanuts. It is also a very easy project to build requiring only a single 6” wide cedar fence picket. So it becomes a $2.00 project. And it’s a great project to get children involved with, especially because it is such a quick build. I hope you enjoy it. I should note. That the original concept of a lifting lid isn’t mine, I’ve seen it for a great many years by a number of people. This is just my take on it.

Things we used for this project:

1x6x6 Cedar Fence picket
Pin nailer
Pin nails
¼” thick clear acrylic 12” x 12” piece
Combination square
Impact driver
Countersink drill bit
Deck screws 1-5/8”

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