93 – DIY Wooden Architectural Knee Braces, or Wood Corbels

Architectural Knee Braces

My cousin owns a Deck & Outdoor Living Company, and from time to time he asks me to do small projects for him that might be a little easier in a shop than it is on a jobsite. This is one of those projects.

I decided to video this because even though it is an outdoor project it contains all of the elements of pattern cutting and the steps involved for mush of this are identical to those for a fine woodworking project. Plus, I’ve had several Patreon subscribers ask for more outdoor projects.

This is a set of matching architectural Knee Braces that match the homeowner’s original ones, and will be installed on a patio cover that my cousin is building. They are both ornamental and structural. The are the architectural elements that match the style of the home and they will add to the stiffness and strength of the structure. They are installed with 5” LedgerLock Structurally Engineered Screws.

Things used for this project:

Router Bits
Economical: Pattern cutting router bit
Economical: Flush trim router bit
Extreme: Pattern cutting router bit
Economical: Flush trim router bit

Forstner Bits
Plug cutters
Cobalt drill bits

Combination square

LedgerLok Bolts

CA Glue
CA Accelerator

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