Cabin House Build Episode 3: Timber Frame Roof System

We are building a cabin style house in Alaska. In our third week we build a timber frame roof system and put in deck posts and finish the exterior sheathing.

Woodturning – Sanding Has to Be Done, Efficiency Counts

Woodturners like to turn wood, look at wood and talk about wood, but very few like to sand wood. Yet it is a compulsory part of preparing a piece for a finish and has to be done. Therefore it is best done well and quickly.

Woodturning – Understanding Sandpaper

Woodturners use sandpaper to bring the surface of a turned piece into shaper for final finishing. In some cases a very fine sandpaper may be used to complete the finish itself, particularly if a lacquer finish has been applied. It helps to understand what sandpaper is in order to use it well.

Woodworking Instructions – Wood Conditioners

Wood conditioner is one of the steps of finishing your project that is least understood by people who do woodworking at home. When to use it, what is it, and how does it work? These are all commonly asked questions that I’m going to answer for you.

Woodturning an Open Segment Vase

Below are detailed instructions of how to measure, glue and turn a vase with two rows of open segments as an accent. The preparation of segment ring with closed segmented turning requires very accurate measurements and gluing precision. With Open Segment turning, however, the same amount of accuracy is not required. The Open Segment gluing jig designed and produced by Sue Harker eliminates the need for complicated mathematics. All you require is one of the Open Segment jigs Available online from Sue Harkers Website. (Visit her online store for tools and accessories.), the piece of timber you wish to clad and a pair of callipers.

Wood Carving Supplies

Wood carving can be a fun and rewarding craft for advanced and novice artists alike. There is nothing like the feeling of turning a hunk of material into something meaningful that you can display in your own home, give as a gift, or even sell for a profit. However, in addition to the skills needed for this craft, one must also have the right wood carving supplies.

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