Cabin House Build Episode 6: Windows and Doors

We are working hard at building a cabin style house in Alaska! The house is inspired by traditional Alaska cabins for heating efficiency and affordable, ease of building.

There’s not alot of windows and doors – this keeps the building, heating and maintenance costs down. But we did put in some big beautiful south facing windows on the front, that are the main windows shared by the kitchen, dining and living rooms, and other common areas. Why put more windows in more rooms, when the same rooms can enjoy the same windows?

Easy Woodworking Projects – 3 Ideas For Making Easy Woodworking Around the House!

Easy woodworking projects are simple to do and can show most beginners the primary lessons in order to attempt much larger, more complex plans! In this article I hope you can learn not only a few easy woodworking projects to try, but also what basic tools are necessary and finally how to quickly progress from being a novice woodworker to more of a master craftsman. First, though, let’s try to look over some projects for most beginners.

Other Tools For the Woodturner – Getting Bowl Blanks Ready

Once the lathe has been set up ready to go and the general turning tools sharpened, there are still some tools that the woodturner needs before getting started. In particular, for making wooden bowls a chainsaw and a bandsaw are suggested. In order to turn a bowl, a bowl blank is needed and for that we turn to these familiar tools.

What is a Woodturning Lathe? And What Does it Do

The basic piece of equipment required by the wood turner is the lathe. There is a great variety of primitive lathes; treadle lathes, the pole lathe and the North African lathe whereby the wood is turned by a string attached to the turners toe! Modern lathes are powered by electricity which enables lathe designs to incorporate wide variations in power and speed.

Woodturning Tools – Chainsaws and Bowl Blanks

In order to turn a bowl a woodturner needs a bowl blank. While they can be purchased from many suppliers, if you have a chainsaw it is cheaper to cut your own and more sizes are available. It also gives the satisfaction of proceeding from the log and finishing with a completed bowl.

Basic Wood Carving – Carve a Dish

Basic carving is not as difficult as it may first appear, and the satisfaction of having created a thing of beauty awesome, The secret is to start with something simple, and like everything you do its hands on practice.

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