Counting Down 2018 Projects

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We are counting down our favorite projects of 2018. What was your favorite?

Dealing With Woodworking Contractors – How Not To Get Ripped Off

Always be alert and know how much you are going to spend even if your ‘reliable’ contractor has already given you a detailed estimation of the woodwork cost. Study the charges and do homework before relying completely on him.

Why You Want A Router Table In Your Woodworking Shop

Having a router table in your woodworking shop adds a new dimension. Your skills will become noticably better if you decide to add one. Learn all the advantages to owning one.

The Woodturner’s Edge: Sharp Tools Give Greater Enjoyment

The most frustrating part of woodturning is trying to turn wood with dull tools. Here are some hints and tips to getting tools sharp and keeping them that way for your turning pleasure.

Woodturning Design: Where Can the Turners of Today Find a Voice of Their Own?

Woodturners follow in a long line of craftsmen and artisans. Is it possible to achieve one’s own “voice” in articstic excellence in wood, or is everything merely a copy of what went on before? The author gives ideas for design development.

Woodturning Magic – From Firewood to Fabulous

Firewood escapes the flames and ashes to become a thing of beauty. To the turner, trashwood is buried treasure waiting to be opened to an appreciative audience.

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