Creating with Kids – Easy DIY Raised Planter

This is the simplest way to build a raised planter. This is a great project to do with your kids at home. Total project cost are about $20. Plans:

Woodturning Basics – Be Ready To Sharpen Early And Often

The secret to enjoying woodturning is to have tools that are sharp when moving to the wood. This enables clean cuts leaving fine surfaces and the satisfaction of long shavings of wood. All that is needed are a couple of simple tips.

Beginning Woodturning – Mounting the Wood

While it is obvious that wood is spun on the wood lathe and then shaped with various hand tools, it is less obvious how to mount the wood on to the lathe in the first place. A bit of observation and common sense can turn this into an easy and safe operation.

Beginning Woodturning – Sharpening Equipment for the Needed Edge

Once a wood lathe and turning tools are acquired, there are a few more tools that a woodturner needs. First among these is the means to get and renew the cutting edges on the chisels, gouges and other tools that make up the woodturner’s arsenal. Thankfully this is an easy and effective task.

Woodturning Skills – Sharpening Free Hand Or With A Jig

The most basic of all woodturning skills is cutting wood with a hand held tool while the wood spins on a wood lathe. This requires the second most basic skill, sharpening the tools themselves. There are two major ways to accomplish this, free hand sharpening and sharpening with a jig.

Wood Plans: The Best Wood Plans Websites for All Your Woodworking Needs

While it is no secret that almost anything you can imagine is available on the internet, people often forget that even in the virtual world, you get what you pay for. In the case of the best wood plans websites, there are certainly many resources available for free blueprints and ideas, however you will find that these wood plans are often incomplete, difficult to understand, or simply unoriginal. Paying for woodworking plans is going to be your best bet at a quality product that delivers what you’re looking for.

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