Cutting a Mystery Elm on my Norwood HD36 Sawmill!

Norwood HD36 Assembly Video:

To learn more about the Norwood HD36:

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Woodworking Toys for the Holidays

Ideas for creating handmade wooden toys this Christmas. Uses for a wood dowel, like a hardwood dowel, and other inspirational ideas.

How Do I Start Woodworking?

If one is not fortunate enough to have been exposed to woodworking through your parents, and you develop an interest in the craft later on, the challenge is – how do I get started? It is a simple question, but there is no single, correct answer.

Recycling Your Woodworking

Recycling wood parts when woodworking helps to conserve natural resources. Use a wood dowel or hardwood dowel to create a bird perch, key holder, and more.

Lathe Techniques To Give Your Woodturning Project the Right Design Touch

The same as any craft, woodturning demands a strong foundation in the basics, knowing the wood properties, tools, techniques and most especially the right lathe techniques or considerations for your design. Improving this knowledge gives the woodturner the ability to express unique creativity in challenging ways, from the traditional to the modern style.

Five Questions You Need To Answer Before Selecting Bed Plans

Creating a bed is a time consuming and costly affair. You can reduce both by selecting proper bed plans that will help you build it with the least problems. But before you decide on the right set of plans, you must ask yourself five important questions.

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