DIY: $60 Headboard with Storage and Fold Down Trays

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Easy to build headboard with built in storage and flip down tray tables. Free plans:

Dry Grinder Wheels – Essential Maintenance Tips For Woodturners

Let’s face it – Woodturners love to turn wood, not stand in front of the grinder sharpening tools. However, to enjoy our true passion, we must learn to master each aspect of the sharpening process. One important area that is often overlooked by woodturners is grinder wheel maintenance. In this article you will learn how to maintain your grinder wheels for optimal performance.

Woodworking Using Hand Tools

Woodworking using hand tools may be completely new to you if you are a modern day woodworker. Most people avoid hand tools at all costs. They think that they are outdated, less accurate and slower than the modern day machines. This simply is not true in most cases. This article will provide you with some facts about using hand tools in your every day wood working projects.

Refinishing: How To Bring Your Woodwork Back To Life

What is woodworking? It is the art of creating fashionable and exquisite furniture. It can be associated with joinery, cabinet-making, carpentry or anything else related to wood. Woodworking requires instruments to mark measure and create the good fashionably and to know the tactics to refinish it.

The Ins And Outs Of Evaluating A Woodwork

Woodwork antiques are beautiful pieces of art. However, with modern technology it is easy to fool someone into thinking cheap synthetics as classic woodworks. To avoid buying such modern versions of vintages, if you are interested in buying one, then you must know the process of evaluating woodwork.

Woodworking And Tools Go Hand In Hand!

One thing that trips up people just starting in the woodworking hobby is woodworking and tools. Beginners never know what they need. Some people go overboard and buy everything in site while others make do with what they have around the house.

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