DIY Desk Built from Scrap Wood

This cute little desk is an easy build. We made it out of scrap wood for about $30 – the free plans are posted on my blog

Woodworking For Boys – 10 Fun Wood Projects

No one enjoys wood crafts more than boys. Their little eyes light up at the first sight of a woodworking bench. Sharing this hobby with them can be loads of fun. Building projects give them a chance to get their hands dirty and create something with meaning.

Detailed Plan For a Successful Woodworking Project

Successful project in woodworking does not only mean being able to finish it. It also includes making a good quality product.

Learn to Carve Wood!

If you are interested in the time honored tradition of authentic wood carving, then perhaps you should learn to carve wood! It truly is one of the lost arts of society. Machines do most of the work now, but true wood carving by hand is an art-form and a trade that has been handed down through the generations.

Learn to Carve Wood Like a Pro

It takes more time than effort to learn to carve wood like a pro. Wood carving is an enjoyable pastime that has been enjoyed by many people for centuries. With a few simple tools, the right piece of wood, and time to develop your skill you can learn to carve wood.

Proper Care of Wood Carving Gouges

Proper care of wood carving gouges is important in order to ensure the longevity and quality of your tools. Carving gouges are one of the most used tools when carving and therefore are prone to a lot of wear and tear.

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