DIY: Photo Frame flips to Chess Board

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Photo frame chess board plans:

A Woodworking Business – Tips on How to Start One

If you love to woodwork and want to increase your income, then a great way to do this would be starting a home based business. any one who has reasonable woodworking skills can easily start his or her business from home. What you will need to do is, start small and build a portfolio of your work. this is a great way to impress your potential customers.

Intarsia Woodworking is Addicting and Intriguing?

Drawn back to the scroll saw, with every spare minute, to work on another Intarsia piece. Why is Intarsia woodworking so addicting? Maybe the love for the wood, challenges with each new Intarsia Creation, the creativity in each piece or maybe it is the pride in seeing, handling and showing your new intarsia creation.

Pricing Your Woodworking Creations – Do You Make This Mistake?

Sometimes we can make the mistake of pricing our fine woodworking products too low. A higher price can actually bring a quicker sale.

Bird Carving As a Specialty in Wood Carving

Specialization also holds true for the arts and crafts in general and for the woodcarving art in particular. Those that specialize in carving fish belong to the National Fish Carvers Guild and a number of other organizations cater specifically for fish carvers. Similarly some woodcarvers do nothing but carve birds and no other objects or figures.

Carving Realistic Bird Feathers in Wood

The article is intended for those who want to carve realistic bird feathers. It is a summary of a specific aspect of wood carving wild birds. It is intended to provide prospective wild bird carvers with pointers to hone their carving skills. Following these guidelines I can assure you of producing realistic feather detail in every bird you carve. I trust my advice will move your carving ability from the ordinary to the extraordinary. It will help you create realistic feather detail.

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