DIY Shop-Made Can Crusher

You can find the drawings to build this Can Crusher here:

This can crusher is a great project to get the kids in the shop. It has a few simple parts and goes together quickly. The best part of all? When you’ve completed it, you can put it to work by cleaning up your recycling bins.

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Navigating Family Conflict This Holiday Season

Christmas will be different this year. Family conflict may arise. One common denominator is that we are all grieving something taken from us.

Why Real Leaders Must PLAN To Lead?

Since, there is no – such thing, as a born – leader, being an effective one, requires a variety of skills, combined with a positive, can – do, attitude, genuine empathy, and integrity, professionally – designed, leadership training, and expert, planning (specifically, strategic and action planning), etc. After, over four decades of involvement, in, nearly all aspects of leading, from identifying, qualifying, training, development, and consulting to well – over a thousand actual, and/ or, potential leaders, I have become a true believer, in the essential power, of meaningful, relevant, quality planning. A real leader, therefore, must, take the time,…

Dying To Self – What Dropping The Ego Really Means

So what does all this stuff about dropping the ego really mean? Well it does NOT mean this sitting in a cave on a mountain in Tibet chanting Om.This is all about developing a good working relationship with your mind and understanding the functions of your mind and your selves. It is also about understanding where it all goes horribly wrong. because of:[1] Your ego’s desire to be in control; [2] Your ego usurping the role of your higher self; [3] Your ego disconnecting you from your true source of power. This article explains what dropping the ego really means and why it needs to happen, and how to let it happen.

Rent, Condominium, Coop, Single – Family, Multi – Family?

There is, really, no such thing, as the perfect home, for everyone! Many factors, including, what one can afford (and feels, comfortable, paying), specific lifestyle, personal preferences, family situations, privacy concerns, etc, often, makes one form, more attractive, to a specific individual, than another. Some of these choices/ options/ alternatives, include: renting; buying a cooperative dwelling; purchasing a condominium; choosing a Single – Family home; or, determining, purchasing and becoming an owner – occupant, in a Multi – Family house, etc.

Beyond Belief – How To Be Free From Views And Words

The traditional meaning of the phrase beyond belief is to describe something as so incredible that it is impossible to believe that it is true.However, there is another meaning that places greater emphasis on the word beyond, and that is to suggest something that is the other side of belief. Or, in other words, something that transcends belief, and this is the meaning that I am ascribing to the phrase in this short article.This article explores the damage caused by beliefs sets out a path to moving beyond beliefs

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