Easy to Build Folding Workbench #anawhite

This folding workbench only takes up four square feet, but holds all your essential hand tools and supplies. It folds out to a 12 square foot tabletop.

Build it using off the shelf 1x12s and a 3/4″ 2×4 plywood panel.

Free plans: http://ana-white.com/woodworking-projects/folding-workbench

Where to Find Woodworking Plans Or Woodcraft Projects

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are just beginning woodworking is that it is a hobby. As a hobby it should be fun. No matter what you choose for your projects, woodworking should be something you enjoy and not something you see as work.

Best Woodworking Designs – 8 Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing Woodworking Plans

I found that the best woodworking designs share a few things in common among packages. Once I figured out this little secret, I instantly stopped wasting my time and money and started to create some awesome looking comment-grabbing woodworking projects.

Great Ideas For Woodworking Projects – 7 Favorite Categories of Creative Woodworkers

This article will list some of the the favorite ideas for woodworking projects that are lots of fun and simple to complete. As a woodworker you know it can be downright difficult sometimes to pick the the right project to start on. Here are just some ideas to give you a gentle reminder of the many possibilities before you.

The Best Woodworking Patterns and Plans Can Quickly Improve Your Woodworking Skills

I find that the best woodworking patterns to work with show great attention to detail in every step of instruction. If you’ve used cheap or free woodworking patterns or plans before, you already know it’s hard to produce a final project that looks good.

Best Woodworking Ideas to Get Your Upcoming Home Woodworking Projects Underway

Springtime is almost here and you’ll be looking for the best woodworking ideas to get things looking good around the home. There’s never a shortage here of excellent woodworking ideas and plans for projects. Actually, how would you like to able to choose from 14,000 of them? I never have to worry anymore where my next woodworking project ideas are coming from. The good news is neither do you anymore.

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