Giant Workshop Truss Roof System with Metal Roof

We are building an 80 feet long by 30 feet wide workshop in Alaska. This week we put the roof on with just a couple of guys. There’s 41 trusses to set. We install a metal roof to dry it in.

Thinking of Woodworking Design For a Hobby? – What You Need to Know

DIYers are on the rise with self taught home repairs and construction projects in an effort to save money in a tight economy. Many homeowners are attempting to learn the skill of woodworking through woodworking ideas and plans. Not only can working with wood be a great way to make things for your house and property but can also be a stress reliever and give you a sense of pride when you look at your finished project.

Woodwork Projects

Online woodworking plans involve a subscription or a one-off purchase. A great way to get instant access to thousands of plans at once, all in the easily printable PDF format, is to opt for a downloadable package such as Woodworking4Home. This will provide you with loads of different types of projects, from tables and chairs, bookcases, desks, cabinets, beds and sheds, to squirrel dens, and even boats if you’re feeling ambitious.

Find Simple Woodworking Projects

If you want to take on a challenging and fun activity this weekend, you may want to look into creating your own simple woodworking project. As a challenging pastime, or as a handy do it yourself skill, woodworking projects are a great way to improve your skills and expertise, test your abilities, and create a unique work of woodworking art!

Easy Woodworking Plans – Woodworking is a Breeze When You Have Easy Woodworking Plans

A Great and Rewarding Hobby – If you’re just starting or are a woodworking pro, you still need easy woodworking plans. Sometimes, we can’t find just the piece of furniture that we’re looking for. If we do, we just gasp at how much it costs. We would want something that would look great in our kitchen or living room but it would sometimes look out of place. Woodworking is a great and rewarding hobby and a great alternative to buying furniture. It is not as easy as it sounds, as any woodworker will tell you.

Rocking Horse Woodworking Plans – Loving Heirloom in the Making

A Toy Every Child Loves – The rocking horse has been a symbol used in a lot of rooms for babies and toddlers. It has begun to lose its popularity with the rise of plastics and electronic toys for children but despite that, we can all identify the silhouette of this historical toy from children’s nurseries and wallpapers. – Wood Rocking Horses Becoming More Scarce? – This wooden toy is a bit scarce now, compared to ten or twenty years ago. While there are still plenty of these toys available, we couldn’t say if it is the one that we want to give our children. Some of them are now made of polymer unlike the ones that we may have known as children. There is something aesthetic in wooden toys that many people from our generation can agree on. Wooden rocking horses are a forsaken luxury that we had as children in years past, and I think it is something we can still pass on to future generations. If we have the talent, we can actually make one ourselves with the right set of rocking horse woodworking plans.

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