Home Workshop Tour – Workbench Details

Workbenches area always a hot topic. What features should you incorporate to yours? What style should you build? Here, Phil shares some of the features of his personal bench in his shop, and some of the things he decided to incorporate as he built it.

Check out this video if you want to see more about the add-on Bench Vise that is on the left end of my workbench: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOy3_pBlsd4

Bench Vise Plans are available here: https://www.woodsmithplans.com/plan/bench-vise/?apid=36564

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The Role Of Education Leaders In Establishing Sound Prevention Practices

We are all invested in the creation of safe and drug-free schools. As parents kiss their children good-bye in the morning, they want to know that their kids will return safely to them that afternoon. All teachers and principals want to enter their school building each day knowing that it will be a full day for education.

The Higher Purpose of the Lockdown? Spiritual Awakening!

“I’m afraid of Death,” said my adult niece. I don’t know why this surprised me, but it did.

Are You Really That Bad? Can You Become Better?

This article, with the included ‘medicine’ is for anyone who feels the following: I am not good enough There are so many things wrong with me I am bad I am hopeless Why aren’t I as good as other people Etc. If the lake dries up, the cause is that the river stopped flowing in to replenish it. But the cause of the river not flowing is that a dam was built at the source of the river which diverted its flow in another direction or stopped it from flowing altogether.

Midlife Insomnia: How To Get More Sleep When You Are Menopausal

One of the greatest issues for women approaching midlife is menopause. In addition to hot flashes and weight gain, insomnia is one of the most prevalent side effects of menopause. This article explores how mature women who are going through menopause can get restful sleep without the use of prescription drugs or hormone replacement therapy.

Stopping Generational Curses (3)

Don’t commit murder, don’t waste blood because you have the power or in a position to do it. Don’t instigate, plan, observe, conspire or encourage it. Be careful! When Cain killed his brother Abel, the brother’s blood refused to be silenced. It kept crying until God heard it and responded by cursing and banishing Cain. He was made a wanderer, a vagabond and a fugitive. The earth was also cursed because of this. Sometimes, when you see this wandering, vagabond, restlessness, much movement and less results and unproductiveness spirit in individuals, families and communities, just check their foundation. It could be as a result of spilling of blood and generational curses. When David indirectly murdered Uriah, God punished him and cursed his family and generations to come. Israel still suffer because of this till today. When Ahab and Jezebel murdered Naboth, God also arranged their own shameful and painful death and cursed their family. I remember he told Jezebel that dogs will also lick her blood the same place they licked Naboth’s. When Judas secretly betrayed, conspired and killed Jesus, he was cursed. He hung himself and his family was made desolate. There is no secret before God. Be careful!

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