How to Build a Room Divider Closet

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It’s easy to build a room divider with storage! Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms without entryways and more!

Cut List and Plans:

Woodworking Plans – Choosing the Best Woodworking Plans For Beginners

If you want to succeed, choose your woodworking plan wisely! Do not start your woodwork project till you read this advice! As a beginner woodworker, you are full of passion and enthusiasm (with a touch of intrepidation, maybe). To ensure your passion is grows and is not doused with disappointment, you need to follow the advice of the masters and avoid a few beginner woodworking pitfalls.

The Love of Woodworking

Woodworking has been a popular pastime and a profession for centuries, since the days when people made crude objects from found pieces of wood. In days of yore, men would sit on the porch, relaxing after a hard day’s work, whittling with a treasured pocket knife. Wood has, over the years, become a preferred material for all sorts of possessions, including furniture.

Woodworking Projects – Paint As a Finish

In designing any woodworking project, one of the first things you need to define is how you are going to finish it. The finish will help define the type of wood to be used. You would not want to use an exotic hardwood with a beautiful grain pattern, and then cover it with paint.

Choosing the Proper Finish For Your Woodworking Project

A woodworking project is not completely finished until the topcoat of a finishing project is dry and your piece of art comes to life. If you don’t choose the finishing project very carefully, all your hard work will be captured for years to come.

Drawing Your Own Woodworking Plans

Tips on making woodworking patterns and drawings. This is a timesaver for the busy woodworker.

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