How To Build ICF Walls for below grade, crawl space or foundations

The Beginners Guide to Woodworking and Outdoor Projects

Working on a woodworking project is always fun even though it may have its frustrating moments. After all, in most cases it is a hobby and one that is suppose to be enjoyable. The greatest anticipation and driving force is the anticipation of the finished product.

Free Safety Guide For Woodworkers – Getting Tough on Dust

It’s wonderful to have a hobby that you really enjoy and especially if you can make it profitable as well. This should never be done however at the risk of your health. Naturally, you need to take all of the safety precautions necessary when using your tools and equipment.

Attention All Woodworkers – Do You Really Know How to Clean a Paintbrush? – Woodworking Help

If you are an avid wood worker or do it yourselfer don’t you just hate it when the neighbor comes over to borrow one of your precious paintbrushes? Then a day or two later he lets you know that he returned your brush back to the workshop. You go to use it a week or two later and it’s hard as a rock. Simple answer it wasn’t cleaned properly.

Discover the Basics of Using a Ruler For Woodworking Projects and Designs

For novice woodworkers there are a multitude of things to learn when first getting into the hobby or business whatever the case may be. One of the simpler tasks may seem like reading a ruler. We all had to do it when we went to school right? For some us though that was a while back and we may be a bit rusty when it comes to basic math. It really is not all that difficult and it doesn’t take long to figure out once you get past the panic stage. This is the stage when you go to look for the measurement your pattern calls for and its not specifically marked on the ruler.

A Guide to Understanding Pen Kit Plating – Plating Options and Woodworking Projects

There are all kinds of pen making kits out there and they all have different metal platings, such as gold plating, as well as 24K upgrade titanium gold plating, Swiss Rose 18K gold plating, then there are chrome, platinum and black titanium platings. There is a lot of information available on the different kinds of plating options open to you when you decide to get a pen kit. Gold plating is the usual finish for a pen however; silver has become more and more popular lately.

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