How to Make Money Woodworking & Adirondack Chair Detailed Build

114 – New Style Adirondack Chair and How to Make Money Woodworking
Detailed 3D plans available here:
Full Size Pattern Templates available here:

This video is about how I made money, and advice I have given others on how to make money doing woodworking. I am centering the video around a project build because that will make it more interesting. It also happens to be a very important project for making money. I actually paid much of my way through college by doing woodworking, and I have also helped many others do the same.
The build itself is a new style of Adirondack Chair that I designed myself. It is very comfortable since it consists of compound curves for the back and seat. Yet even with these curves it is quite easy to build. I have also designed the set of plans to allow the end maker to use any lumber from ¾” thick to big box store lumber that is 1-1/2” thick, and regardless of lumber thickness, it does not affect the plan or dimensions at all.
This is a very detailed build video, and much of it will be focused on perfecting the details of a salable piece. And some advice that can hopefully improve your woodworking if you are a beginner.

Things I used in this build:
I used a Festool sander, but that’s certainly not necessary, I also use my DeWalt frequently
Belt Sander
Palm Router
Roundover router bit
Drill & Impact Driver
Drill Bit set
Countersink bit
Carriage Bolts 3/8”
Nuts 3/8”
Washers 3/8”
Bolts for wheels
Washers for wheels
Nuts for Wheels
Lock nuts for wheels
3” deck screws
2-1/2” deck screws

And here are the some other things I use in my shop:

How to build the Thor’s Hammer Woodworking Mallet:

Or buy your very own Thor’s Hammer made by us:

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