LIVE: How To Prepare Your Lumber For Your Next Project

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Going Live with Adam Henkel from The Makers Mob to discuss preparing your lumber for a project.

Geriatrics-Hematuria Or Blood In Urine-Allopathy Cure – Consumption of Boiled Or Raw Radishes!

Some geriatric persons have blood in urine. Doctors call it hematuria. The doctors prescribe 7 Cefdinir 300 mg capsules to be taken by mouth. As a patient of 83 years, having this condition, these capsules were like a god send and cleared up the blood in my urine. To sustain no blood in the urine successfully consuming raw radish slices or radish soup every day helps immensely, prevents loss of blood in old age.

You Did WHAT?! Using Decision Guard Rails to Align Decision-Making Expectations

Key to a leader who empowers followers is the ability for the follower to make decisions without always having to ask the leader for permission. When done well, the follower is able to execute more nimbly and with greater ownership. When done not so well, both the leader and follower are likely to be frustrated by missteps, poor communication, and potentially damaging decisions that were made without enough information. I’ve learned through doing this wrong so many times that there are four degrees of decision-making where the leader and follower agree as to the amount of guidance and input provided in decision making.

Rise of the Anti-Freud

Freud’s idea of the subconscious mind was a dark and nefarious place. No wonder I back the opposite interpretation.

The Real Reason Stage Hypnotists Are Larger Than Life

Nothing a stage hypnotist does is just for entertainment’s sake. While you think they’re warming up the crowd, they’re actually hypnotising you.

Observations of an Extensive Career

I examine how Joe Biden’s career can be viewed as a case study in career development. An investigation of key aspects of his career management style is explored.

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