LIVE – Quick Easy Woodworking Projects Beginning Woodworker and CONTEST CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT

Quick and Easy Woodworking Projects for the Beginning Woodworker and CONTEST CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT!

KFW first woodworking challenge:

Build a woodworking mallet.
It must have wood in it.
Any size, any shape, any wood (even plywood). Build it in any style or for any specific purpose. You can build a traditional mallet, or a Thor’s Hammer, or a wood carvers mallet that is turned on a lathe. It can even be a deadblow hammer, or anything else you can come up with.

We will treat the challenge like a contest. The winner will receive one of our Signature Thor’s Hammer Woodworking Mallets made from exotic wood.

If you have a YouTube channel and you make a video, we will link your channel in the announcement video. It can be great exposure for a new youtuber. If you don’t submit a video, please send at least 3 pictures from different perspectives. Also please give a description of the materials used, and we will show a picture of your mallet on the video. Everyone submitting gets mentioned.

The contest starts right now and ends on midnight July 31st 2018. All submissions must be received by that time.

Please submit your entry, either pictures, video link, or both to Please make sure to include your name, and channel name/link (if you have one).

Don’t forget; the winner receives a signed King’s Fine Woodworking Thor’s Hammer Woodworking Mallet!

In this video we will talk about woodworking projects that anyone can take on no matter what your skill level. And even with minimal tools.
Discussion will cover:
Tools needed for the basics
Best materials to use
Where to get your materials
How to plan your projects
Project ideas

Here is Michael Long’s Channel

Here is Shaun Smithson’s

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