Plastic Paper Concrete Footing Form Hack

We are starting a new workshop build! The first step is putting in the footers.

To save time and money, we used smaller lumber lined with plastic paper to create our footer forms. This means we did NOT have to perfectly level the ground underneath the footers – the plastic paper on the bottom molded to the ground regardless of grade height.

We used 2×6 form boards instead of heavy (and very expensive) 2×10 or 2×12 lumber – half the cost, half the weight.

Stripping the forms were much easier, since the boards are much smaller, and we did not have to bury the bottom of the form to prevent concrete leaking out.

The plastic paper concrete footing forms saved us time and money. We will be doing this again!

A Beginners Guide to Power Sharpening Equipment – Woodworking Projects

As you have probably learned there has to be modifications made to your grinder in order to make it usable for sharpening your wood working tools. Once you have done that then you are ready to move on.

Calling All Woodworkers – Understanding Sharpening Tools and Equipment – Woodworking

Any individual that owns any type of tools knows the importance of keeping them maintained and in good working order. Most of the wood working tools for example are not cheap to buy. In addition, they will not do the best job they are designed for if the applicable ones are not kept sharp.

Protecting Your Wood Carving Knife Edges

We’ve all done it. Used a carving knife to slice the lid of the Donut box open, gotten up to answer the phone with a chisel on our knee only to have it drop onto the floor and ruin the edge. (and then to make it worse, it was only a telemarketer!) Things like these happen to all of us and then we wonder why our tools keep getting dull. If we can learn to prevent these things from happening the life span of our tools will increase dramatically.

The Art of Working With Wood – Turning Your Woodworking Dreams Into Reality

Humans have been crafting with wood since the beginning of time. It is an all-purpose product: Wood has been used to build and heat the home, cook food, and provide all the furniture the family needed. While wood is still used for many of those functions, people are increasingly finding it rewarding to craft with wood as a hobby. The project becomes an extension of themselves as they put untold hours into turning a piece of raw wood into something to be enjoyed and appreciated for years to come.

7 Woodworking Projects For Enthusiasts

Don’t you sometimes feel that your hands just beg at you to leave that computer and that desk for a moment and go to make something with them? That’s precisely what attracts many people to do-it-yourself projects.

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