Quick and Easy Christmas Stocking Stand #anawhite

Build a Christmas Stocking Stand with two 2x4s and some screws! This is a beginner friendly DIY project, you just need a drill and a saw.
Cut Lengths, Shopping List, Plan Diagrams: http://ana-white.com/woodworking-projects/stocking-stand

Woodworking Projects – Cubby House

Don’t forget the kids when you are into your woodworking projects. There are lots of projects for the kids and they will love you for building them some. Of course one of the most popular projects for kids is the cubby house.

Woodworking Projects – Dinghy

Are you into a day on the water fishing? You need your own dinghy so you can get out there amongst the fish on that river or water way. If you don’t need something too big for off shore then you be will amazed how easy it is to build your own flat bottomed dinghy so you can go fishing whenever you want to.

Woodworking Patterns – Dog House

Many people are dog lovers while others are cat lovers and many more just love animals while some just can’t stand them. Of those that have a dog some keep them as a pet while others almost adopt them as part of the family while some just keep dogs as a worker either for farm animals or simple as a guard dog. Whichever way you regard your dog it will still need to be well cared for and it is a real shame to see pets being neglected.

Woodworking Magazine – The Best Woodworking Magazine

Woodworkers are like musicians. Often they need to witness another great work to inspire or motivate them to complete theirs. How is your woodworking project coming along?

Woodworking Projects, Billiard Tables

You would like to build a billiard table but just don’t have the room to put it. We realize that although the ultimate would be to have a full size billiard table it is just going to be too big. A full size table is 12′ long and we need to have room all round to play so the room has to be pretty big. We can still have fun on a smaller table say about 8’x4′ but room is still a premium.

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