Rustic X Hall Tree #anawhite

We built a new hall tree out of mostly 2x4s for about $80! It’s a pretty easy build.

Woodworking – Eco-Friendly Tips

Woodworking is a popular hobby that many people enjoy, and although it’s fun and useful, it tends to not be very eco-friendly. There are simple, yet effective, steps to make woodworking enjoyable, profitable, and also eco-friendly.

Beginner Projects Woodworking – Woodworking As a Hobby

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are just beginning woodworking is that it is a hobby. As a hobby it should be fun. No matter what you choose for your projects, woodworking should be something you enjoy and not something you see as work. There are many things that you can do to help you make sure that you keep woodworking a fun hobby.

Beginner Projects Woodworking – Woodworking Hand Tools

Your introduction to beginner projects woodworking should also include an introduction to the hand tools you will be using. Many of these tools are things that you have probably used in jobs around the house or in other situations. However, it never hurts to get a refresher to ensure that you get a start on your projects. Woodworking hand tools can be varied, but here is a look at ten of the most used tools.

Easy Woodworking Projects – Anyone Can Do It

If you’ve ever wanted to build something out of wood and thought that it was too hard, don’t let that stop you. If you have easy woodworking projects and some patience you can build things just like the pros.

Easy Woodworking Projects – From Beginner to Pro

If you’ve ever wanted to become a woodworker you may be a little intimidated by all of the tools, fancy lingo and workshops that are usually associated with woodworking. But the fact is that anyone can be good at it as long as they don’t try to get in over their heads. The best thing to do is get some easy woodworking projects and take it slow.

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