Said No Carpenter Ever!!!

The Makers Mob Black Friday//Cyber Monday:

Said NO Carpenter Ever – I hope this one gave you a bit of a laugh. If you have any others, leave them in the comments!

7 Ways Technology Can Improve The Customer Experience

A top-line customer experience is a key to business success. It is the goal of every company, but in today’s environment has become much more challenging due to the repercussions of the ongoing pandemic. As the workforce and consumers become more virtual, potential customers are increasingly turning to software and online services to meet their needs, and businesses need to find and leverage the appropriate technology to serve them.

Presence Is Essential When It Comes To Healing Your Inner Child

Assuming you have just heard of ‘inner child work’, you may want to find out more. Perhaps your inner world is not in a good way and you would like to know if this kind of work can assist you.

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Porsche

If you notice your car is less powerful than before or it shows signs of aging, you need to do something. If you perform regular inspections, you can extend the life of your vehicle significantly. In this article, we are going to talk about some simple tips that will help you reduce the wear and tear of your car.

Why Is Certification Important for IT Professionals?

If you are an IT professional, you may have a set of skills and abilities. To prove your skills and abilities, professionals have some sort of proof, which is in the form of certificates. These certificates showcase your skills, abilities, and experience in a certain field.

Critical Thinking: Has Humanity Been Traumatised Into Looking Outside Of Themselves For Safety?

Naturally, if someone is not connected to their true-self, they won’t be able to express who they are. Nonetheless, if they don’t feel safe enough to express who they are, it won’t matter if they are connected to their true-self.

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