Small DIY Greenhouse

Build your own greenhouse! Lots of tips in tricks in this video!
We have also created a premium plan if you’d like to build this exact greenhouse here:

Paslode Woodworking Gun Review

It has been over a month now since I first began using the Paslode Cordless Finish Gun, and I could not be any more pleased with it. I used it again a couple of weeks back to get a door to swing in the opposite direction, and it came through for me and reminded me how much time and energy a cordless nailer saves once again. It is the perfect woodworking gun.

Wood for Woodworking

There are lots and lots of kinds of wood for woodworking projects. So many, in fact, that it can sometimes be challenging for a woodworker to decide what is the perfect type of wood for his particular project. For example, a good piece of solid wood is what you would most often find being used for furniture, and the particular type of wood used would determine the look and/or durability of the piece. But given the tips we will be outlining here, hopefully we can shed a little bit of light on what the differences are from one type of wood to the next, and what type is the best for each particular project.

Woodworking Plans – Ted’s Woodworking Plan

It is always a new venture for a person in the woodwork profession to find new ideas in woodwork. They usually to go with packages which are already planned out for the woodworker, but a majority of the time they work from scratch with their own ideas.

Choosing Woodworking Bookshelf Plans for Novice Carpenters

If you’re like a lot of people, you have more books than you do space to put them. In my home, we have walls full of bookshelves, and yet I’m still always looking for space to put more. I’ve always wished I was a carpenter so that I could build the furniture I want, but I’m still pretty clueless when it comes to building. Maybe you’re like me and would like to find woodworking bookshelf plans that you could follow easily even if you haven’t yet acquired a lot of skills.

Sell Your Woodworking Projects on eBay

If you are a woodworker looking for a fun way to make a little more money on the side, you may want to take up eBay woodworking – that is, selling your woodworking projects on eBay – as a hobby, or maybe even to supplement your income. There is high demand for unique, well crafted woodworking these days, by collectors and wood enthusiasts, individuals who regularly browse eBay looking for just that, and if you are a woodworker who is good at the craft, you too can cash in on this, whether you want to do it just for fun, to make some extra money, or even let it evolve into your full time profession!

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