The BEST Garage Shelving – Easy One Person Project #anawhite

Building garage shelving is easy and inexpensive with our method! In this video we show you everything you need to know.


Great Woodworking Tips That Save Money and Time

When it comes to working with wood and completing projects, it’s always a good idea to be learning from somebody who has got experience, especially if they are prepared to share their woodworking tips with you. Another good source are online courses. They usually lay out all the materials needed as well as the steps required to complete the project.

Woodworking Plans – Basic Gluing Techniques

Using glue correctly requires following a few basic guidelines. It is important to remember that glue will not make up for improperly fitting joints. Follow these tips to insure a strong bond that will last a lifetime.

Wood Carving is a Hobby to Be Enjoyed Despite the Age

Hand carved wood is often used for decorative purposes and includes statues, figurines and murals of varying designs. Making beautiful figurines and designs out of wood is a hobby that has been around for many years. Hand carved wood is unique and beautiful to look at.

Woodworking Tips – How To Make Table Tops That Can Move With Changes In Moisture

I have seen Mother Nature tear apart beautiful hardwood tables because their maker failed to take into account the inevitable changes in moisture content in solid wood. When this happens after delivery of an expensive labor-of-love, it is nothing short of tragic. This disaster could have been easily prevented: Here’s how.

Woodworking With the Router – One of Your Most Versatile Tools

One of the most versatile tools you will find in any woodworking shop is the router. It is used to trim, edge, detail, drill and hollow out areas of wood. The uses of a router are only limited by the type of router bit you are using, and by your innovative thinking!

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