The Easiest Farmhouse Bed Build Ever

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Woodturning Tools – Learn to Use Them With a Project

Woodturning is a new venture for many woodworkers and requires and new skill set with new tools. The practise needed to acquire those new skills can be boring in its repetition or it can be interesting indeed. All it requires is to select beginner woodturning projects that use basic tools to accomplish the task while at the same time developing required skills in an interesting fashion.

Woodturning – The Magic of Three

Prospective woodturners looking at most turned wood objects can be overwhelmed at the seeming complexity of the forms. Yet, like many things in life, the complex can be reduced to a few simple things is taken in small doses. The law of three makes the complex notions of woodturning simple and makes the wood lathe accessible to most any woodworker.

Woodturning – Getting Started With the Right Tools

Most wood lathes are sold as just the lathe itself and it is still necessary to purchase the tools for making whatever projects are in mind. The choice of tools in the catalogues can be overwhelming but really only a few are needed to get one started at woodturning. Here the basics are introduced to aid the first time buyer.

Woodturning Projects – Why a File Handle is a Good Place to Start

Choosing a woodturning project can be overwhelming for a beginning woodturner seeking to learn new tools and develop and new skill set in woodworking. A file handle is a simple project that introduces the basic tools of spindle turning while at the same time generating a valuable asset for the woodworker’s tool shop. The very simple need for many handles encourages repetition of the project with the appropriate development of basic wood turning skills.

Woodturning Projects – Four Things a Beginning Woodturner Should Look For

Beginning woodturners can use projects to develop needed and desired skills. The question is what projects will be most useful to the often confused beginner, overwhelmed with new tools and seeking many new skills. Here are four easy to follow criteria to select a basic wood turning project.

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