Vegetable Storage – Onion and Potato Bin #anawhite


Store your vegetables on the wall in easy to use wood bins! These easy to build onion and potato bins are low profile, so can fit in your kitchen, a blank wall in your pantry or used throughout the home for storage.

Can Organizer Plans:

Where to Find Woodworking Plans and Where to Use Them

Whether a home owner’s goal is to use woodworking plans for an entire wall of bookshelves in a library, other furniture, an ornate gazebo or a wood deck, a child’s toy or a kitchen island block, there are many places to find patterns and plans for working with wood. On line would be the first place many people check for a pattern for wood decorations, furniture or other interesting items. The Internet is not the only place for patterns for wood carvings and everyday items made from wood.

Best Woodworking Plans and Projects – This is What You Need

Whenever people ask me regarding the woodworking projects in fact they are looking for better ideas or better tips for their projects. Not only that, they also intend to know how to plan better for their woodworking activities for the projects and where from to get the best woodworking plans. In fact the people who want to execute their idea successful in this field need the best woodworking plans and projects.

3 Woodwork Ideas to Get You Started

Do you need woodwork ideas to get you started with your woodworking project? Well, here are 3 woodwork ideas to help you start your project.

Woodworking Project Tips – Food Safe Finishes

There are many commercial brands of finish that are labeled as food safe. These range from many products that are called anything from ‘salad bowl finishes’ to ‘butcher block oils’, etc. In reality, the vast amount of finishing products and oils are actually already food safe, as long as they are allowed to cure properly.

Woodworking Tools For the Home

A lot of people think that wood working is something that is quite apt only for carpenters. While this was true earlier, it is a fact that working with wood and fashioning something good out of it is not limited just to the carpenters and professional wood workers of the world. One has to look at the fact that there are a lot of do it yourself kits and manuals around that make it possible for people to take woodworking tools and get started on making something creative with wood that will delight them personally and offer a great deal of satisfaction too.

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