Workshop Wall Framing

We’ve had family in town so taking some time off from work. But we still managed to frame up the walls of Jacobs workshop.

Woodworking Designs – Examples of Woodworking

Wood is a rough material which can give birth to very delicate patterns and items, if it is crafted with patience and attention for details. Woodworking can be assimilated to an art when the resulting items feature details and are extremely refined. In order to come to craft such items, you have to go through woodworking designs of various level of difficulty.

Do You Need a Woodworking Course?

Lots of us love to work with our hands and create something for the home that we can be proud of. Others just love the sense of accomplishment that completing a woodworking project can bring. If this is you and you’re looking to improve your skills by investing in a woodworking course, then now’s a great time to reflect on your current skills and consider how a course would benefit you.

Woodworking Projects For the Craftsman and Handy Man – Woodworking Tools

Really think about this for a moment; how often do you find yourself wanting more information on an idea you have for a Woodworking Project? As a handy man the craftsman in us all is constantly looking for a creative outlet; that special woodworking project that spotlights our woodworking prowess and mastery of our woodworking tools. As you read this article, I think you will begin to see what you’re looking for is easy to obtain.

Give the Gift of a Woodwork Course This Christmas – 3 Reasons Why

Woodworking is a favorite hobby for many people who love to work with their hands and complete projects from scratch. If you’re thinking about giving away a woodwork course to someone that you know, there are several reasons why it’s considered a great Christmas or holiday gift. This article outlines 3 of those reasons.

Understanding Capacity Planning in Woodworking

Very simply put the capacity of a unit is its ability to produce or perform to a customers expectations and there must be some match between needs characterized by market forecasts and abilities characterized by capacity. This makes capacity planning very important for woodworkers in delivering realistic outcomes.

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